We’re Nuttz!

We’ve been in business for 7 years and we’re experts at what we do. We provide fresh tasty products to people with impeccable taste (that’s you!).

It’s taken years of experimentation and research to source the best ingredients and build the smartest machines with the funkiest technology that we can find. The result is our very secret state-of-the-art solar powered production line, that can bend, flex and adapt to any ingredient we throw at it.

We’re experts in packing, coating, drying, rolling, spicing and salting a delicious range of products. Because we listen to our incredibly smart, clever, cool customers (you again) we’ve come up with a range of flavours that are uniquely Nuttz. We’ve even managed to showcase some New Zealand flavours too.

We hope you enjoy our website, and you fill your shopping basket full to overflowing with the freshest, tastiest darn products that you’re ever going to find. Don’t forget to throw in some extra bags to share with your friends - they will definitely thank you for it and it might stop them stealing all the goodies you get for yourself.