If you’re nuts about almonds then you’ve probably already discovered how great our natural almonds taste. We source them direct from Australia; they’re fresh and they’re packed with flavour. But did you know you could also use them to make milk?

You may have heard of almond milk already. Perhaps you’re already an aficionado when it comes to whipping up a batch in the blender. Or maybe you get yours direct from the supermarket. Or is there a chance you’ve been a bit cautious about nut milk in the past?

Well today’s your lucky day. The Nuttz boffins have been tinkering with our recipe and we can now share our tip-top most fantastic Almond Nut Milk recipe with you. Don’t be fooled into thinking making nut milk is hard work. Most of the time goes into soaking the almonds, with minimum whizzing and squeezing at the end.

Already excited by the prospect? We don’t blame you. By the time you finish reading this blog you’ll be initiated into the art of making your own delicious and nutritious almond nut milk. Life will probably never be the same. Because it will be nuttier and more milky. Yum.

What you need

You’re going to need a blender. It’s probably possible to do this in an oldy-worldy kind of way but who knows when the milk would be ready. So grab a blender and get ready to make some milk.

You’ll also need a big bowl; a sieve; a Nuttz Nut Milk Filter Bag; a jug with a lid or an airtight bottle; and about 100g of really good quality natural whole skin-on almonds (you can get these from Nuttz too).

Get ready for how easy this is.

Step 1: Take 100g of delicious Nuttz Natural Almonds. Soak in a bowl with lots of water for 8-12 hours.

Step 2: Using your sieve, drain away the water and keep the almonds.

Step 3: Pop your nuts into a high speed blender. Add 4 cups of fresh water. Optional: add an additional flavour.

A note on additional flavours.

We recommend you have a play with this. If you would like a bit of sweetness adding some coconut chips can do the trick. Alternatively you could try adding a Medjool Date or 2 if you want a richer flavour. A sprinkling of cinnamon can give your nut milk a spicy boost and our favourite idea to date is to add a vanilla bean into the mix.

Step 4: Whizz it. How long for depends on your blender but we reckon about 2 minutes usually does the trick.

Step 5: Grab your Nuttz Nut Milk Filter Bag and your bowl. Pull the Filter Bag over the top of the blender and hold it in place as you pour the contents of the blender through the Filter Bag and into your bowl.

Step 6: Put the blender to one side and pull the string tight on the top of the Filter Bag. Now (gently!) squeeze the rest of the milk out of the ground almond pulp into the bowl.

Step 7: Transfer the milk into your jug or bottle, add the lid and pop it into the fridge. If you’re transferring from a bowl to the jug or bottle you may find it easier to pour it back into the blender first as it will be an easier pour. You milk will keep happily in the fridge for up to a week (although you will probably have guzzled it all before then). Enjoy it splashed on cereal, in tea or coffee, or as a nutritious addition to smoothies or milkshakes.

Step 8: Your leftover almond meal can be stored and refrigerated or dried. It’s yummy and can be used as an ingredient to make a wide variety of staples or snacks, like: oatmeal; hummus; homemade granola; bread; cakes or muffins; biscuits; or smoothies.

How easy was that?

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