If you have products that need to be packaged or you’re looking for an expert in roasting or coating nuts: you’ve come to the right place.

A focus on food standards

Trying to find the right packaging or processing partner for your business? Choose Nuttz and your brand can enjoy the security that comes from a New Zealand-based focus on food standards and exemplary hygiene. We’re proud of our HACCP qualifications and our food safety plan has been approved by MPI.

A focus on packaging

We like to keep things fresh and that means understanding the finer details when it comes to storing and handling snack products in order to preserve their flavour and condition. We can share our packaging knowledge with you or adapt to your requirements: either way we’re all about preserving the freshness. Your customers are going to love the positive impact on flavour.

The best roasting and coating service

Nuts may be delicious but we can tell you that they are also very picky about how they are handled. Our nut experts have spent years exploring the ins and outs of each type of nut and working out exactly how they should be roasted and coated for optimum flavour and shelf life.

We’ve customised our machinery to give us access to the best technology and the ability to handle each nut for maximum returns. The result is a state of the art nut processing facility supported by a team of very clever nut experts. Whether your requirement is big or small, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today at