DIY Nutmilk Mesh Filter Bag

DIY Nutmilk Mesh Filter Bag

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Make DIY nut milks and seed milks at home! Imagine never having to buy a non-recyclable boxed "milks" again. Instead, make your own RAW "milk" of any nut, soybean or seed you like!

Realise large savings on your store bought milks,  1kg can make up to 20 liters! (at 5% almond ratio)

Nuttz versatile NutMilk filter creates a perfectly smooth nut milk consistency every time.


  • Fits easily over most blenders for pouring
  • You will love the extra large size (250mm x 250mm) as it leaves plenty of room to 'squeeze out' the milk without it overflowing
  • The 200 micron count is the perfect nylon thread count to create the most delicious nut milks you've ever tried.
  • Robust, reinforced, double stitched folded seems.
  • Better quality NutMilk than a cheesecloth, as it does not let pulp through nor 'stretch out' in the way that organic materials do
  • Easy to clean
  • Specially designed with rounded corners at the bottom and drawstring top for ease of filtering


1 x NutMilk 200 micron Drawstring Filter Bag

Nuttz NUTritious laboratory 'tried & tested' SECRET Almond Milk Recipe


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