Interested in importing Nuttz products into your market?

Benefit from the highest food quality and hygiene standards

New Zealand is home to stringent food standards and accreditation. If you choose to bring Nuttz to your market you can enjoy the benefits of a New Zealand-based focus on food standards and exemplary hygiene. We’re proud of our HACCP qualifications and our food safety plan has been approved by New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industries.

Right labels, right documentation

We’re experienced in providing export documentation: just tell us what you need and we will help you meet all requirements. Nuttz understands that different markets have different language and labeling requirements. Our products come packaged as standard or we can work with you to custom-design a label for your needs.

Nuttz are ready to export

Nuttz products are available to export into your market. Our products are already available through selected retailers in markets that include China, Hong Kong, Australia and Thailand. Nuttz partners with our freight company, Toll Logistics, or if you prefer we can work with your chosen freight forwarder.