Pine Nuts

Pine Nuts 1kg

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These rich and buttery little nuts–which really do come from pine trees–add flavor and texture to everything from pasta to cookies and are an essential component of Italian pesto sauce.

Taste Sensation:  rich, sweet, buttery, mild nutty flavour

Enjoy With:  They are frequently added to meat, fish, salads and vegetable dishes or baked into bread.

NUTritional Benefits: Pine nuts contain thiamine (vitamin B1) and protein and are an excellent source of vitamin-E; contain about 9.33 mg per 100 g (about 62% of RDA)

Other Reasons to love Pinenuts: contain essential fatty acids (the omega-6 fat)

Country of Origin: Product of China

Allergen Statement: May contain traces of peanut & other tree nuts


Ingredients: Pine Nuts

Packaging: 1kg Ziplock Foil Pouch


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