Turkish Apricot

Turkish Apricots 1kg

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We're all about texture in salads, and chewy apricots are just the thing to round out a salad of crisp lettuce, gooey cheese, and tender nuts. We give them a rough chop before tossing them in.

Taste Sensation: Mild sweet taste, musky, with a faint tartness

Enjoy With:  Breakfast - This is an oldie-but-goodie. In the dead of winter, dried apricots sprinkled into our morning granola or oatmeal is like a little ray of summer sun.

NUTritional Benefits: A rich source of vitamins, especially beta-carotene, which is responsible for giving apricots their natural yellow-orange color

Other Reasons to love Dried Apricots: Ever tried dried apricots with a dab of blue cheese and an almond or walnut?

Country of Origin: Product of Turkey

Allergen Statement: Contains Sulphites. May contain traces of peanut & other tree nuts


Ingredients: Dried Apricot, Preservatives(220)
(May contain apricot pits)

Packaging: 1kg Ziplock Foil Pouch


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